Chip Card Technology

Chip Card Technology is here!

Are you ready for new payment and credit card technology that provides you enchanced security and convenience?  Chip Cards have arrived in Canada and at Eagle River Credit Union.

A chip card, sometimes referred to as a "smart card", is a credit card or debit card containing an embedded computer chip that stores and processes data.  Chip cards and chip-reading terminals work together to ensure a highly secure transaction by validating the card and the cardholder.  The computer chip makes cards difficult to copy, thereby reducing counterfeit fraud.

This new-generation technology - already in wide use throughout Europe - will make a safe payment method even more secure.  The complete transition will take a few years, given the vast number of cards, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale devices that need converting.  Once the transition is completed there will be two changes to how the cards are inserted and remain inside the ATM or point-of-sale device for the duration of the transaction.  Second, chip credit cards will require the use of a four-digit personal identification number (PIN), not a signature, which increases security. 

Debit and credit cards will continue to have a magnetic stripe so they can still be used in machines that have not yet converted to chip technology, or in places like the U.S. that have not made the transition. 

There are many benefits to the new chip cards including extra security and protection from counterfeit, identity theft, and fraudulent activity.

Eagle River Credit Union has successfully migrated to the new chip technology.  All new and lost/stolen MasterCard credit cards and MemberCard debit cards as well as all renewing cards upon expiry will be issued a chip card. 

You will receive your PIN prior to receiving your new chip card.  If you want to change your PIN once you receive your chip card you can call or visit any of our branches. 

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