YOUR High Interest Savings Account

A YOUR High Interest Savings Account (HISA), is a savings account that offers a rate of interest consistent with market rate, while allowing 24/7 access to funds.

Members can transfer from their HISA to another of their own accounts via MEMBERDIRECT online banking, TeleService telephone banking or using a CU ABM free of charge.  A per item charge applies to other transfers and withdrawals.

If you speak to any financial planner, they will agree that having money in savings is a good idea.  It is smart to have a little money tucked away in case of emergency, to take care of unanticipated expenses, in case of sickness or job loss, or just to treat yourself from time to time.

A YOUR High Interest Savings Account is a great product to help you build up your savings.  With a great interest rate, you can watch your savings grow. 

This product is also available in a Tax-Free option (TFSA). 

Inquire about setting up your YOUR High Interest Savings account today.