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May 18th, 2016 - Member Survey

Tell us how we are doing between May 24th and June 27th by participating an online Member Satisfaction Survey for a chance to win an iPad mini.

How to access the Survey on 24th May 2016?

• Go to www.eaglerivercu.com.

• Click the Member Survey Portal.

• The window will open with the Survey.

For the Terms and Conditions of the Member Satisfaction Survey, Please Click Here


May 18th, 2016 MemberDirect(R) Advisory Countdown to Upgrade to V11 for iOS

All credit unions have now upgraded to Version 11 (V11) of the mobile banking app. Central 1 will be completing the upgrade process and implementing a 15-day countdown for iOS (iPhone App).

The countdown will apply to all credit union members who currently use the mobile banking iOS app.

What is the 15-day countdown?

The 15-day countdown provides users currently on platforms such as V7, V7.5, and V10 of the mobile banking app, a 15-day window to upgrade to V11. After 15 days, members will no longer be able to log in and will be prompted to upgrade to V11 to access their device.

What is the impact to the Member?

Users on previous versions of the mobile banking app will receive notification to upgrade to V11 at the time of login. After 15 days, if the user has not upgraded, the user will not be able to log in.

Depending on the device and user settings:

 • Users can automatically upgrade to V11 if their device settings are set to automatically install updates.

• iOS users can upgrade through the App Store app. Members can either search for their mobile banking app or view pending updates and select their mobile banking app to upgrade.

• Users who do not update the app can continue to perform their daily banking through online banking, mobile web and text banking.

Important Dates:

June 1,  2016​ ​- The 15-day countdown will commence.

June 16, 2016​ - Users still on older versions of the mobile banking app will no longer be able to login.


Interac® Online... COMING SOON!!!

May 6, 2016 A simple and secure way to pay online.

Have you ever wanted to pay for an online purchase using your credit union account rather than using a credit card? Now you can with Interac® Online. At home, or on the go, with Interac® Online, gone are the days of sharing your credit card information with retailers when shopping online. This new payment method gives you the option to pay for online purchases directly from your credit union account. It’s the newest online payment method, and it’s fast, convenient, and secure.

How Interac® Online works

Select Interac® Online at the online checkout. You will be directed to the secure Interac® gateway page.

Select which province your credit union resides, and then select Eagle River Credit Union. You will be directed to your secure personal online banking login page.

Log in to your Eagle River Credit Union account.

Select the account you wish to use and confirm the transaction.

Once confirmed, you are logged out of your Eagle River Credit Union account and are redirected back to the retailer’s confirmation page.

Benefit of using Interac® Online

It’s secure. No personal banking information is shared with the retailer or other third parties. The payment is completed through your secure banking session.

It’s convenient. There are no extra accounts to set up or passwords to remember.

It’s fast. The transaction takes place in just a few clicks using available funds in your credit union account.

Frequently asked questions

What is Interac® Online?

It’s a service that allows you to pay for online purchases from your Eagle River Credit Union account. You can even pay your taxes with it.

Are there any fees to use it?

The cost will be $1 per transaction.   

How do I use it?

When making a purchase online, the online checkout shows various options for payment. If Interac® Online is available it will be shown as a payment option. When you select Interac® Online, you will be directed to the Interac® Gateway page where you will select your “Eagle River Credit Union” from the financial institution options. (Tip: this is the same process as accepting an e-transfer). After selecting your credit union, you will be directed to your online banking page to sign in. Once you’ve logged in, you may choose the account from which you wish to make the payment.

Who accepts Interac® Online?

Any participating online retail merchant. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) also accepts payments for taxes via Interac® Online. As well, some educational institutions accept Interac® Online for tuition payments. For a list of participating online merchants, click here:www.interac.ca/index.php/en/store-locator.

Is my account debited immediately?

Yes. Interac® Online is just like using your debit card at the store; your account is debited as soon as the purchase is made.

Can my payment be stopped?

No, the payment cannot be stopped. If you find you have made a payment in error you will need to contact the online merchant and ask for a refund.

Can I make payments in any currency?

Payments can only be made in Canadian dollars.

Is there a payment limit?

The payment limit on your account applies. Most accounts allow a maximum $1,000 per transaction and a maximum of $2,500 in transactions per day.

How do I know whether my payment was completed successfully?

You will receive a confirmation screen when the payment is authorized. You will also see your transaction confirmed when you return to the online retailer’s website.



Celebrating National Ding-Free Day and all The Money our Members Are Saving

April 22, 2016 - The 9,300 members of Eagle River Credit Union can save their share of up to $32 million this year, by taking advantage of thousands of ding free ATMs across the country where they can withdraw cash without paying a surcharge.  

Today credit unions across the country are celebrating this ding free status and raising awareness of this benefit with members and non-members. The surcharge for using another institution’s ATM can be up to $4, which can add up quickly. 

Through both the ACCULINK® and THE EXCHANGE® ATM networks – Eagle River Credit Union members have access to over 4,000 ding free® credit union ATMs – a bigger ATM network than most banks. By using a ding free ATM, credit union members save hundreds of toonies each year anywhere they may be in Canada.

Members can also use their credit union Member Card® debit card or Global Payment MasterCard® card to access account information and carry out common transactions including withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries and transfers at these ding free ATMs. 

Download an app to locate the nearest ding free ATM, and look for the ding free ATM decals on participating ATMs. Learn more at ding-free.ca.


Announcing Patronage Rebates!  It's PAYBACK Time!!

April 11, 2016 - For the 32nd year since our inception, Eagle River Credit Union is pleased to announce the payment of Patronage Rebates and Dividends to members for the 2015 fiscal year.  The payment of Patronage Rebates and Dividends is a form of profit-sharing unique to co-operatives like credit unions.  When Eagle River Credit union has a profitable year, a percentage of the profits is returned to our members.  The more business you do with the credit union, the more you see returned.  For the 2015 fiscal year, Patronage Rebates and Dividends were calculated as follows:


  • 20% on Equity Shares
  • 1% on Non-Equity Shares
  • 3% bonus on deposit interest
  • 3% rebate on loan and mortgage interest
This week our branches are hosting a celebration!  Drop by to visit our staff as we celebrate one exceptional benefit of our membership - profit-sharing!  It's never been a better time to be a member of a credit union.  CONGRATULATIONS!! 


Special Limited-Time Rate Offer

February 1, 2016 - For a limited time, members may qualify for a special investment loan rate to assist with maximizing RRSP and TFSA contributions.  Borrow to invest in your RRSP or TFSA with a Take Ten Loan (where you can take up to ten years to repay the loan), and you could qualify for our special 3.5% loan rate!  Some conditions apply. Contact your branch for details!

Money Match Contest - LIMITED TIME!!

January 3, 2016 - From now to February 29th, make your annual investment at Eagle River Credit Union and you could have your investment matched by us!  By simply making your appointment to come in and talk with us about your annual contribution to your investments, your name is entered in a draw to have your contribution matched.  Odds of winning depend on the number of participants.  Click here for contest details.

New Service Charges Coming January 2, 2016

December 1, 2015 - Effective January 2, 2016 Eagle River Credit Union will be updating some of its over-the-counter service charges.  Please click here to view a complete list of the changes.  If you have any questions on how this will affect you, please contact your branch or call our toll-free line at 1-877-377-3728.

Skip-A-Payment - Available NOW

December 1, 2015 - Could you use a little break on your payments during the expensive Christmas season?  You may qualify to skip a payment in either December or January.  It's our gift to you this holiday season. Contact your branch at least 10 days before your loan payment is due to come out to ensure sufficient time for processing.  Some conditions apply.  Ask staff for details.

Christmas Crunch Loans - Available for a Limited Time

December 1, 2015 - Is Christmas putting a CRUNCH on your wallet?  If you answered yes, a Christmas Crunch loan might be just what you need.  Christmas Crunch Loans are designed to help you with the expense of Christmas.  They are small loans (typically $5000 or less), that have 60 days no payment, and then 9 months to pay the balance in full.  This way, you will have your loan paid in full before next Christmas.  If you need some help with the Christmas CRUNCH, call your branch to speak with a Financial Services Officer about a Christmas CRUNCH Loan today.  This offer is available until December 31, 2015.

Revised Standard Terms and Conditions

June 3, 2015 - The financial services industry is always changing.  Every day we are introduced to new innovative products, services and processes intended to make member service better, faster, easier, more convenient, and more secure.  As a result of this ever-evolving environment, some changes have been made to our Account Opening Standard Terms and Conditions.  For new members, the change is effective immediately.  For existing members, the changes will come into effect as of July 3, 2015.  To view or print a copy of the revised Standard Terms and Conditions, click here.

After viewing the document, if you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-377-3728 or by email at erinfo@ercu.ca.

Help the Nepal Region Earthquake Relief Efforts

May 8, 2015 - Eagle River Credit Union invites you to make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross fund appeal in aid of the Nepal Region Earthquake Relief.  Taking our commitment to the global community very seriously, Eagle River Credit Union will match our members contributions up to a maximum $2,000.  Additionally, for every eligible dollar donated by Canadians in response to the Nepal earthquake, the Canadian government will set aside one dollar for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.  This makes every dollar you contribute, multiply by four!

Donations may be made in person at any participating credit union in Atlantic Canada, or by:

  • Donating online at www.redcross.ca
  • Calling 1-800-418-1111
  • Donating at your local Canadian Red Cross office
  • Donation cheques made directly to the Canadian Red Cross should be made payable to the "Canadian Red Cross"; earmarked "Nepal Region Earthquake Relief Fund" and mailed to:  Canadian Red Cross National Processing Centre  PO Box 39  Saint John, NB  E2L 9Z9
  • Donations of $20.00 or more are eligible for tax receipts, upon request.

Eagle River Credit Union will be accepting donations at all branch locations until May 30th, 2015. We thank you for your support!

Announcing the launch of ERCU's iPhone and Android Apps

April 17, 2015 - Imagine a tiny teller that goes where you go. That’s the kind of convenience offered by Eagle River Credit Union's new Mobile Banking App. At Eagle River Credit Union, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our members, and we know, for you, convenience is key. Now we can provide a complete mobile banking experience by offering both the new Mobile Banking App for iOS and Android™ devices, and mobile-friendly browsing pre-equipped on MemberDirect® websites. Many of our members use mobile devices and apps on a daily basis, and we want to be where you are.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download your free app.  Login with your online banking information, and choose the option of staying logged in.  In an instant, you can see all your account balances, do transfers, pay bills, or find your closest branch location with the quick touch of a finger.  It's fast and convenient... which makes your life easier!

Visit your app store for our FREE download today.  Standard data charges may apply.

Could you use a $5,000 Vacation?

April 17, 2015 -  Until May 31st, 2015 sign up for a Credit Union CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard® Credit Card and you could win one of six prizes of $5,000 in travel credits!  Where would you go if you had a free vacation?  Visit your nearest branch to complete an application today.  Click here for complete contest details.

Eagle River Credit Union's New Board of Directors for 2015

April 15, 2015 - At Eagle River Credit Union's 31st Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015,  four Board positions were up for election.  We thank all candidates who put their names forward, and offer congratulations to those successful:  Amanda Barney, Dave Evans, Ginger Ryland and Terri Gilbert.  

Your new Board of Directors are: Bert Belben, Bradley Hancock, Amanda Barney, Bradley Sheppard, Dave Evans, Dawn Pilgrim, Ginger Ryland, Lisa Davis-Ryland, and Terri Gilbert.

Click here to view the 2014 Annual Report.

Announcing Eagle River Credit Union's 31st Annual General Meeting

March 9, 2015 - Members are advised that Eagle River Credit Union will be hosting its 31st Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 at Northern Light Inn, L'Anse au Clair.  Registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. with the meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Tickets are available at each branch location. 

Members interested in being nominated for vacant Director seats may submit their nomination on or before March 31st, 2015.  For more information, contact your branch or email Lisa Davis-Ryland at ldavisryland@ercu.ca or Brad Sheppard at bsheppard@ercu.ca.

Win a $3,000 Retirement Practice Getaway

January 2 2015 - How does a $3,000 vacation sound?  From January 2nd to March 2nd members can earn a chance to win a $3,000 vacation, simply by coming in to talk with one of our financial experts about your retirement plan.  There is no obligation, and no cost to come in and talk about your options. 

Offer applies to in-branch appointments, as well as appointments with ERCU's financial planner, Lorne Robinson.

In addition to the grand prize, there is also a second prize of $500 cash!  Click here for complete contest details.

If you've been thinking about talking to someone about retirement products, or if you would like a second opinion, it's never been a better time to call.  That $3,000 Retirement Practice Vacation could be yours!



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