Your Money


YOUR Savings

This tiered-interest account is designed to assist you with saving your money.  Whether you are saving toward a special purchase, for a rainy day, or as a nest egg for later in life, you can watch your money grow in a YOUR Savings Account.  Once you have reached a benchmark amount (like $500 or $1,000), you can choose to invest it in a term investment, or in another savings vehicle to receive the best interest rate, or you can continue to save here and access the funds as you need to.

Monthly Savings Plan

Our Monthly Savings Plan is another savings product that is perfect for those who want to earn a higher rate of return than a regular savings account, and yet have the flexibility to make a withdrawal if necessary. This product is perfect for putting away a little extra for the holidays, for an upcoming expense, or as part of your annual RRSP contribution.

YOUR High-Interest Savings

YOUR High-Interest Savings, you can earn a preferential rate on your savings, while having accessibility to your money 24/7.  This account is available in a TFSA option as well.  Both products offer customer-owners more flexibility and choices with regards to their savings.

Tax-Free Savings Account

A Tax-Free Savings Account is an account option that allows you to earn interest on your savings without having to pay taxes on the interest income.  An available option for YOUR Savings or YOUR High-Interest Savings accounts, as well as Term investments.


Your Chequing

This Account Benefits members who:

  • Make less than 15 transactions a month, enjoy simplified record keeping for a low-monthly fee
  • Recommended for more than 6, and less than 25, transactions.

Your Chequing 40

This Account Benefits members who:

  • Make only a few transactions throughout the work week (average one per day) and slightly more on the weekends.
  • Recommended for more than 25 transactions but less than 65

YOUR Chequing Electronic

This Account Benefits members who want to:

  • Make ATM withdrawals and deposits day or night
  • Manage their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Use self-serve options such as TeleService, MEMBERDIRECT online banking or ATMs for one monthly fee
  • Recommended for mostly electronic transactions, less than 20 in-branch

Your Chequing Unlimited

This account benefits members who:

  • Use their account frequently (recommended for 65+ transactions)
  • Prefer a fixed monthly fee
  • Want the convenience of extra benefits

Your Chequing U.S.

his Account Benefits members who:

  • Travel frequently to the U.S. or deal regularly in U.S. currency.  It reduces the expense of converting Canadian dollars into U.S. funds and back again and saves members money by allowing them to buy U.S. funds when rates are favourable rather than waiting for when they travel.

Youth Accounts

YOUR Student Electronic

Tailored to the support investments in education.  With the costs of education, and in many cases, living away from home, these student products are designed with today's youth in mind.

New Horizons Chequing

A low-cost, stress-free chequing account designed with convenience, flexibility and savings for students.


A special youth savings account designed for children up to age 8.


A special savings account, with added features designed for youth ages 9 to 14.

All of Eagle River Credit Union's account options give customer-owners control over their financial future. If you have any questions or would like to open an account, please visit one of our seven branch locations or contact us at


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