Protecting Yourself and Your Money

Educate Yourself

In today's world of advanced technology and communications, it seems like the chances of falling prey to fraud, through scams, etc., is becoming increasingly more common.  This means that we, as consumers, need to be smarter about how we transact, who we talk to, and what we tell them.

Below are four important areas of concern to today's consumers.

1. Protecting Yourself on The Internet
2. Protecting Your Personal Information
3. Protecting Your Money
4. Protecting Yourself from Fraud

Atlantic Edge Credit Union reminds our Membership to be wary of fraudulent correspondence and phone calls. For more information about how to better protect yourself, examples of fradulent activity, as well as contact information if you suspect fradulent activity please click here.

Beware of scams related to COVID-19

Important: Click to learn more about scams related to COVID-19.