Protecting Your Money

Security Tips

To protect yourself and your money when using your debit card at an ATM or point-of-sale terminal (i.e. at a store), here are some practices you should follow:

1. Shield your hand when you are entering your PIN.  Someone near you could be looking.  Even at an ATM, it is a good practice to cover your hand.  Make this a habit and it will become natural.

2. Never let your debit card out of your sight when conducting a transaction at the point-of-sale.  Only allow your card to be swiped once, and don't forget to take your debit card and transaction record with you.

3. Regularly check your statements and account balances to verify that all transactions appear as they should.  Contact your AECU branch immediately if anything looks suspicious, or if you do not recognize a transaction.

4. If your debit card is lost or stolen, notify your AECU branch immediately or call 1-800-567-8111.

5. Never disclose your PIN to anyone.

6. Keep your card in a safe place and never lend it to anyone.

7. Memorize your PIN.  Don't write it down and carry it around with you. 

8. Select a PIN, that would not be easily guessed.  Don't use birthdates, phone numbers or social insurance numbers.  The more random the digits, the better.


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Source: Protect Your Money brochure - A Credit Union Central of Canada publication

Fraud Prevention

During this time when card fraud and identity theft is prevalent, your Credit Union would like to provide you with information on the importance of managing personal information.  Please follow these simple steps to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud:

  • Treat your  credit cards like cash.  Do not leave them unattended.
  • Sign the back of new cards as soon as you receive them.
  • Shred personal information such as bills, bank statements, and credit card offers before you recycle them.
  • If you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your MemberCard® Debit Card and CU MasterCard® Credit Card, memorize it.  Do not write it down or disclose it to anyone.  If you must write it down, never leave it in your wallet with your card.  When selecting your PIN, do not pick the obvious like your birth date, SIN, or phone number.
  • Keep your MasterCard® receipts and check them against your monthly statement to make sure no one else is using your card.  Report unauthorized transactions or discrepancies immediately by calling toll-free at 1-800-LOST-111 (1-800-567-8111), or call collect at 1-306-566-1276 if you are travelling outise of North America.  Most fraudulent use of cards occurs within hours of the card being lost or stolen.
  • Do not provide your MasterCard® card number over the phone unless you have made the call and you know the company is reputable.
  • Destroy unwanted cards immediately so no one else can use them.
  • Frequently check your credit report so you are aware of any changes or unusual activity.  Credit information can be obtained once a year at no charge from Equifax Canada at or 1-800-465-7166, or Trans-Union Canada at or 1-800-663-9980.