It’s tough being a student.  Term papers and exams can be stressful enough without the added worry concerning the cost of education, financing your studies, or choosing an account package.  This is why Eagle River Credit Union has created products and services specifically for students.  We believe that education is an investment, and that in supporting today's students, we are supporting tomorrow's leaders.

Please click on the links below for more information on some of our student products and services.  If you need more information, or some help picking the right product for you, we are just a phone call away.


The Eagle River Credit Union Scholarship program recognizes the contribution of our community builders of tomorrow.

New Horizons Chequing

Control expenses and make record keeping easier with a chequing account designed especially for students.

YOUR Student Electronic Account

A cost-effective account designed especially for post-secondary students, allowing unlimited electronic transactions for a low monthly fee.

Lines of Credit

Take the worry out of financing your education with a Student Line of Credit.  With flexible terms and affordable payment terms, a Student LOC is a great alternative to government student loan programs.

Credit Cards

A student credit card is a great product to help you start building credit.  For many people a credit card is their first piece of credit.  By handling this product responsibly, you can build good credit which, over time, can help you buy your first car, establish a line of credit, or build/buy your first home.

Student ATM Directory

While anyone can use it, the Student ATM Directory was created by Credit Union Central of Canada as a tool specifically intended for post-secondary students.  The directory contains a listing of all credit union ATMs that can be found around or near the post-secondary institutions in each province. 

Using a credit union ATM is important, as they are surcharge-free.  That means you can use your Eagle River Credit Union MemberCard®Debit Card at any credit union ATM without being charged a surcharge fee.  When you use bank or white-machine ATMs, you will be charged each time

Please click here to refer to the ATM guide, and note the ATM locations in your area. It could be a move that saves you a bunch of money each month!