Pay As You Go Savings

Distinguishing Feature

  • Interest is based on the rate for the highest tier attained and calculated on the total balance in the account. 

Key Features

  • Interest based on the following account balance tiers:
                             $1- $4,999
                             $5,000- $9,999
                            $10,000- $24,999
                            $25,000- $59,999
                           $60,000- $99,999


  • Interest calculated daily on closing balance, paid monthly
  • 2 complimentary debit transactions per month including: In- branch; ICU; CU-affiliated ATMs (AccuLink and EXCHANGE); Interac Direct Payment (excluding Interac and PLUS ATM transactions)
  • Transactions charged on a per-item basis
  • Convenient 24-hour access to accounts by TeleService,
  • MemberDirect and ATM
  • No monthly fee means savings for members

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