Tax-Free Savings

A Tax-Free Savings Account is a registered plan that allows your investments and savings to grow tax-free.  


Features and Benefits of a Tax-Free Savings Account:

- For the 2018 tax-year, the TFSA investment limit is $5,500.  

- TFSAs are available to Canadian residents who have reached the age of majority in that province, and have a Social Insurance Number.

- Contributions to a TFSA will not be deductible for income tax purposes, however investment income earned will not be taxed, even when withdrawn.

- There is no minimum balance to start a TFSA.

- You can withdraw funds from a TFSA at any time, for any purpose.

- Netiher income earned in a TFSA nor withdrawals will affect your eligibility for federal income-tested benefits and credits (i.e. OAS, child tax benefit, etc.).

- Unused TFSA contribution room can be carried forward to future years.

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