Your Savings

Whether you’re building your retirement savings, putting money aside for an emergency, planning for a major purchase or saving for upcoming expenses, we have a savings account suited to your needs. Our competitive interest rates will help you reach your savings goals at your own pace, one deposit at a time.

At Atlantic Edge Credit Union, your money is protected with strong deposit insurance coverage to give you peace of mind as your deposits grow. In fact, the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation provides the most comprehensive deposit insurance and stabilization program of any financial institution in the province, with coverage of up to $250,000 per account type.

Competitive rates

Your Saving Accounts features a competitive interest rate so your money can multiply, and you can reach your savings goals.

What is a TFSA?

TFSAs are registered savings accounts that allow you to earn investment income tax free inside the account. The savings can then be used for a variety of needs.

Why a High Interest Savings Account (HISA)?

This account pays a high rate of interest, comparable to term investments. Interest is calculated on your daily closing balance, paid monthly.

What is considered a standard transaction?

Unlimited Me-to-Me online transfers with certain Savings Accounts

Transfer funds to and from your savings accounts online as much as you like without using any of your included standard transactions. This is not included in the High Interest Savings Account (HISA), or the HISA TFSA.

Choosing the right Savings Account

Each savings account is designed to complement a specific way of saving money. Each of our specialized savings accounts come with different features and benefits to fit your lifestyle. Our Youth Savings is designed for our members under 25. Whether you’re going to school, working full time or somewhere in between, you can take advantage of this account tailored to our youth.

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