Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Vision for Co-operative Social Responsibility

"Through our commitment to co-operative social responsibility, we will act with integrity to improve the quality of life of our employees, our members, and the communities we serve."

At Eagle River Credit Union, we believe in putting our members and communities first. As a result, we have a strong commitment to the communities we serve that extends beyond the financial and economic role we play in the province.

Co-operative and Social Responsibility at Eagle River Credit Union is guided by six pillars:

1. Community Leadership
2. Health Care
3. Education
4. Environmental Sustainability
5. Charitable Giving
6. Financial & Social Well-Being

The six pillars, and their related activities, reflect our co-operative principles and our corporate values.

In 2017 some outstanding examples of CSR included Expand/Collapse

Our employees embrace what it means to be part of a co-operative, and we are very proud of the contributions we continue to make in our communities.

Here is what our employees think about Eagle River Credit Union's CSR approach Expand/Collapse