Boards and Elections


Who is Eligible to become a Director?

A person who is a citizen of Canada, 19 years of age or older, an owner of the credit union and who satisfies the requirements set out in the by-laws of the credit union may be a director, unless he or she:

  • is an undischarged bankrupt person;
  • is an employee of a credit union, a trade association or the guarantee corporation;
  • is not bondable;
  • is an auditor, or a member of the auditor's firm, of that credit union;
  • is a parent, child, spouse, brother or sister of an employee of the credit union;
  • is the solicitor of that credit union;
  • is a public employee whose official duties are concerned with the affairs of credit unions;
  • is a person who has a loan with the credit union on which principle or interest is in arrears for a period established by regulation.

Are you Eligible to Vote?

   Every owner who is 19 years of age and in good standing* is entitled to one vote.

*Share balance of not less than $100, has full owner status as of the date of the Annual General Meeting, and meets credit standards.

*The Credit Union Act does not allow owners to vote more than once per question or to vote by proxy.If a corporation or association is an owner of Eagle River Credit Union,the Credit Union shall recognize a natural person authorized to represent the corporation or association by a resolution of the directors of governing body of the corporation or association.